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Something good happens when he loves you more

Author: Tina Webster
Published: Jul 15 2013

Have you heard an elder woman state, "Find a man who loves you more…..It is better if he is more in love with you than you are with him?" Both sentiments by elder women have been passed down as golden advice. But do women follow the advice?

When he loves you more

One of the problems in dating relationships occurs when the women choose the man. It is biblical and historically passed down that men are the chasers. Men are the providers; men seek their wives; and men are the hunters. So why do so many women choose men that they fall in love with? Is it better to marry a man who falls in love first or even better loves you more?

Level The Playing Field

When men and women meet they gage their "attractiveness factor". Is he or is she attractive to me? If you were to gage who was more attracted to the other, you will likely find that the levels are not the same. Do you remember your first love? If he was your first love, can you answer whether or not you were his first love? From the time two people meet, the level of love and commitment to the other person is not likely on the same level-one person generally loves the other person more. Armed with this information, is it better that he loves you more? Yes!

Is It Too Late

If you are the woman loving him more, you are most likely waiting for him to catch up. You are waiting for him to give his devotional love to you. You are the only one who can say if his love is too late. You have told yourself that once he loves me more, he will be the kind of man you want him to be. Although this may be true, you have to ask how long you will wait for him to get on the same level as you. It’s the old, "I know he loves me, but he is not ready to get married." If this is his sentiment, you have to rephrase and ask yourself if he is really stating, “you love me more than I love you.” When a man really wants a woman, you do not have to question it. If you have to question it, then you probably love him more than he loves you.

Giving His All

A man who falls in love with you is more likely to give you anything he can to make you happy. It has been asked, what is happiness? According to Wikipedia, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy

Conversely, if you marry a man who surrenders to love, you are not likely to experience all of the happiness he would have given, had he been the one to love you more. We are not talking about a trophy wife married simply for her beauty. We are talking about genuine love from a man who will love the beauty you possess inside and outside. We are talking about the type of love a man gives when you are his first priority. The type of love he gives when he loves you more.

Author Tina Webster, M.S. writes this article to share her personal experience, as well as 15 years of work experience with families. At 44 years of age, having experienced a 12 year marriage wherein I was more in love with him than he was with me, I see the difference. Having experienced the love from a man who fell in love with me first and loves me more, I can now relate to the wise words of elder women. You can find more works by the author at

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