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Why are people afraid to seek counselling?

Author: Lisa Laba Sarkis
Published: Feb 13 2016

Counselling for so many can be difficult to face and perhaps even discussing concerns and stressors with family or friends might be hard for you sometimes.

Can talking to a professional counsellor or therapist be helpful?

The answer is yes for the majority of people these days. Talking to a professional counsellor can help you to release your emotions and thoughts and focus on your daily tasks that need to be achieved.

What is stopping you from seeking counselling today?

People are generally afraid and in fear to get counselling support with a professional counsellor or therapist. Some people might be really overwhelmed and don’t believe they can get to the counsellor’s office or arrange that first appointment. If you are feeling this way another option for counselling is to seek online counselling sessions with a professional via the internet.

Consider the possibility of engaging and forming a relationship with your therapist online. All your counselling sessions will be private and confidential and the information shared is between you and your counsellor alone.

Do you think your counsellor will judge you?

Professional counsellors follow strict guidelines and rules and part of the counselling process is that the counsellor will never judge you as a client. It is the counsellor’s role to provide a safe environment and comfortable process for you and focus on building a genuine therapeutic relationship with you.

How to conquer that fear of exposure?

Remember counsellors are here to support you, not judge you. Counsellors are aware of common anxieties that come with hand in hand with seeking therapy and it is important to remember that a therapist’s role is to support you with care and respect to help you build self esteem and understanding and people usually feel much better about themselves after participating in a counselling session and are overall more hopeful for the future.


Lisa Laba Sarkis B.SocSc B.SW Counsellor, Therapist
Power of Mind - Private Counselling Practice

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