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Feeling down about your appearance? 6 great ideas for a diy makeover

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Jul 28 2013

If you’ve been feeling lackluster about your appearance, it could have a poor affect on your mood and outlook on life. Bringing an air of edginess to your appearance can be made easy with the following six tips for a DIY makeover.

6 Great Ideas DIY Makeover

1) Try Bold Nail Polish

If you’re looking for a way to change your appearance while boosting your mood, you may want to look at your nail polish. Getting in a rut is easy if you keep selecting the same boring color of polish. Try giving yourself an edgier look by going dark and rich such as burgundy, black and deep purple. Vibrant colors of pastels and sparkles can instill happiness when you look down at your finger and toe nails. You can also shake things up by polishing each individual toe and finger nail a different color.

2) Apply Temporary Tattoo Art

The latest trend to hit the fashion runways this year is temporary tattoos for adults. It’s different than the permanent version because it lasts between five and 10 days. It’s also pain-free and easily applied through brush and appliques. Temporary tattoos can come in a range of styles that are dependent on your wardrobe and venue. Some of the creations resemble jewelry and can be displayed along your neck, wrist, ear lobes and ankles. An individual can get any style they want and when you tire of the design, you can pick something different.

3) Change Up the Wardrobe

It can be costly to change your entire wardrobe every season to support the hottest trends. However, incorporating a few popular styles into the mix can create a more positive attitude. Try purchasing a new blouse, skirt or dress and add accessories such as a scarf, stylish belt and necklace to finish the look. You don’t have to go to the trendiest of boutiques to feel rich. Discount shops offer the same selections as most of the upper end stores for half the cost.

4) Give a Facial Treatment

Between your career, home life, personal obligations and family, you have a lot of balls to balance in the air. This can take its toll on you. Taking time in the evening to pamper yourself can freshen up your appearance. Depending on your skin type, you can design a specific facial treatment to match your needs. Exfoliation, deep cleansing masks and toners can all contribute to healthy looking skin.

5) Get Gorgeous Locks

How your hair looks can either make or break your day. Having a good hair day typically depends on the color and cut of your hair, so you may want to think about changing your appearance with something different that flatters your appearance.

6) Change Direction of Attitude

In addition to your outward appearance, your mental outlook can hinder how you perceive life. DIY exercises that can benefit your mental happiness can include yoga, meditation and doing something positive that will make you happy.

If you’re looking for a new beginning, different path toward adventure or something to boost your spirits, the above DIY makeover tips can help you achieve happiness without the feelings of guilt.

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