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Tips for choosing the right retirement home for your loved ones

Author: Lucy James
Published: Aug 16 2012

Everyone grows older, and everyone has the chance to live life to the fullest. However, there will always come a time when the growth and development goes beyond maturity, and the body slowly begins to weaken day after day. Many sons and daughters are then caught in a dilemma between having their older loved ones in their homes or sending them to a nursing home. It is a very difficult challenge for those who are very close to their families. However, if choosing the best retirement home or nursing home is one of the decisions you have to make, then here are some tips for you in choosing the right place for your loved ones.

- Use the power of the internet to search for the best nursing homes in your area. Make sure your loved ones are staying near your home. In that case, even if an emergency occurs, you are only a short drive away, and you can always attend to them when needed.

- Set up calls and appointments with as many hospices and homes as you can. In order to check the various differences of the retirement homes, it is highly advisable that you take a tour and see the facility beforehand. You also need to determine if the homes are going to provide the type of accommodations your loved ones deserve.

- Remember how you were received by the attendants and the receptionists. Are they welcoming? Did they treat you like a special guest? Did they offer coffee, tea or water? Are they accommodating? It pays to look into these minute details as this will serve as part of your evaluation. Think of your loved ones as they are the reason why you are going through all these details.

- Check the surroundings. Look around to see if the facility is clean and well kept. Check the various parts of the home. Look at the gardens, the park, if there’s one, and see if its conducive for a walk. Check how the surrounding smells as it would be another factor next to cleanliness.

- Observe other residents. Check if they look clean and well taken care of. One way to determine if the hospice or home is good for your loved ones, is through the cleanliness of other residents.

- Observe the atmosphere of the whole facility. Check if the staff is always busy and decluttered or if they are calm and at peace. Pay close attention to how they deal with their residents. Trust your eyes and rely on your instincts.

- Make sure that before you enroll your loved one into a retirement home, you must check everything you need for their convenience, safety and health. If possible, you should go through the reviews since deciphering the comments from the other residents' families is one way to gauge the quality of a retirement home. Finally, you should always keep in mind that this is not for you but for your loved ones.

Lucy James is a freelance writer representing online. MHA are a charity specialising in Elderly care and Dementia care.

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