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6 ideas for remodeling your outdated home without going into debt

Author: M.J. Collins
Published: Aug 6 2013

Giving your home an updated appearance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With some fresh ideas and ingenuity, you can take your home from dull and dated to modernized and chic in no time at all. The following are six creative remodeling areas to save money while livening up your space.

1. Paint

Home remodelling without going into debt

Neutral colors can give a home a warm appearance, but it can often be construed as boring. Today’s hottest colors in home interior paint are vibrant and lively. Emerald green, jade, red, violet, yellow and orange are top rated colors this year. To avoid making too loud of a statement, you can select to paint one wall in your room a vibrant shade and incorporate accent pieces that bring out the color on the other walls. Paint is an inexpensive way to make a room go from drab to fab.

2. Wall Art

Wall art is an excellent way to make a broad statement when entering a room. There are a variety of pieces that are extremely affordable and can add color and dimension to any room. Wall art can also make wonderful conversational pieces. You want to choose art pieces that are interesting and light up the room. For example, choose an artist that allows her art to come from within. Her paintings will be fitting in any room in your home because they'll create a perfect balance of colors, designs and modern creativeness.

3. Plants and Flowers

An inexpensive way to add warmth to your home is by bringing the outdoors inside of your dwelling. You can add new life to your home by incorporating plants, flowers and intricate tree branches into your living space. You can add freshness and a natural look with either real or silk ornamentation.

4. Fixtures and Lighting

A home that has fixtures and lighting from years gone by can look old and mundane. By adding a few simple fixtures to your home such as bathroom faucets, shower heads, knobs on your cabinetry, chandeliers and lighting fixtures, you’ll be amazed at how unique and updated your home can look.

5. Carpet and Area Rugs

Flooring can be a harbinger for dirt, stains and odors, and it can give your home a musty feel to it. You can change your flooring inexpensively by adding carpet, tile, laminate and wood to your home’s interior. Area rugs can also give your home an artistic look and feel to it.

6. Pillows and Slip Covers

Reupholstering your sofa, love seat and chairs can be costly. You can update your living area with slip covers, decorative pillows and inexpensive accent pieces. Coordinating the colors of the pillows and covers to match or offset the color of the walls is an inexpensive way to refresh the room and bring it to life.

Changing the look of your home and giving it a more modernized appearance is easy. With a little planning and creative thinking, you can make your dwelling aesthetically pleasing without it breaking the bank.

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