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How your confidence affects your kids

Author: Akilah Richards
Published: May 29 2013

Have you ever heard the phrase, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?" This famous saying is referring to the fact that children are very often like their parents. This is a great thing when the parents are excellent role models, but not so great if they are lacking self-esteem.

Child Confidence

Kids Develop Strength Through Accomplishments

Kids develop self-esteem in a variety of ways. Every time they accomplish something, such as learning a new song, getting a good grade on a test, or even using the potty for the first time, their sense of worth grows. This can lead them to feel capable and ready to take on new challenges. However, a huge part of what increases the sense of self-worth is seeing that the parents are proud, and if you don't give your child the proper amount of praise, he or she may begin to feel that his achievements are not worthy of note.

The Way You Feel Affects The Way Your Kids Feel

You and the other adults who make up your child's world play a huge role in helping him or her develop self-esteem. Childhood can be emotionally difficult, and most children need a team of supportive and protective adults who will encourage them to do their very best. When a child's parents are lacking their own self-esteem, they may find it more difficult to believe in and encourage others. This is precisely why some parents seek a life coach for themselves and/or their children.

Finding a life coach can be as easy as asking friends or family members, asking a member of your church or parenting group, or searching online. Find a life coach in Sacramento at, for example. It's not impossible, but it is harder for a parent to instill confidence when they themselves don't have it. Children need more than a cheerleader in their corner. They need positive, balanced role models.

Steps to Build Confidence

Chances are, both you and your child could benefit from some confidence-building work. If you aren't doing so already, make sure that you both are eating healthy, getting good sleep each night and doing some exercise during the day. It's impossible to feel your best and have the energy required to pursue your dreams if you aren't taking care of your body.

Once all the basics are taken care of, consider asking your child if they would be interested in starting a journal project. Writing in a journal is a great way to vent feelings, assess goals and generally work on the confidence-building process. Encourage your child to write about the things that are bothering him or her and to think about the person they would ideally like to be. Having goals from a young age can go a long way in accomplishment building.

If either you or your child is still having trouble with self-confidence, you can try hiring a life coach. A good life coach will have the skills to help you both move forward, set goals and develop a deep sense of self-worth. There is no shame in asking for help, so don't hesitate--build a confidence team by enlisting the help of a good coach today and look forward to a better tomorrow.

Akilah Richards is a Certified Family Life Educator who works to educate families about emotional wellness and self-expression. She blogs, authors books, and leads workshops to help families learn how to manage their emotions, limit their stress, and live well. If you would like help building your confidence for yourself and your family, Noomii(dot)com is a directory that matches people with the perfect coach for their specific goals.

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