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Detox diets: do it the right way

Author: James Wendt
Published: Apr 13 2012

Detox! If you can segregate it into two words, then de refers to "eliminate" and tox refers to "toxins". Hence, the diet, which is free from toxins is called a detox diet. It is a low cost option for weight reduction. There are many women, who have the tendency of water-retention, owing to which they look bulky. Generally, in such cases, diet-plans and exercises do not show prompt results. For such women, detox diets are a boon, through which they can control their unnecessary body weight.

Moreover, as a woman gets older, they tend to accumulate fat tissues in the areas of their buttocks, forearm and lower abdomen, owing to which their stature looks quite awkward. For such women, strict adherence to detox diet can bring magical outcomes. So, if you are already tired of following hundreds of diet plans, and still are looking for ways on how to lose belly fat, then it is high time that you learn about the ways to Detox your diet and look slimmer.

This is a focused diet plan that usually lasts for 3-21 days. But, before embarking on any such diet plan, have a close look at your calorie count. Physical exertion must be overridden by the calorie intake. Only then, you can reduce fat. Otherwise, combine various exercises along with detox diet method. Only then, you will exert out the best result. A flex belt coupon can be opted for to get effective ab workouts at home.

The right ways to detox

Drink water in replete, as it is quite essential in removing the toxins from the body. In fact, welcome each new day by gulping a glass of warm water or lemon juice.

Do bear in your mind that fiber is important in order to detox your diet. Look around the ways as to how you can replace ordinary meals with high fiber diet. Oats have fiber in replete. So, if you cook meals with ordinary whole wheat, combine it with few amounts of oats. Otherwise, you can buy recipes books for cooking oats in various ways.

Eat plenty of green veggies and salads. Salad should be taken before a meal. In addition, you can replace the oily snacks with high fiber cookies and fruit juices. Consume raw fruits over juices. These days, sugarless, multigrain biscuits are available in the market, and give them a shot. You can make smoothies of boiled vegetables.

Your diet should contain healthy fatty acids. Generally, nuts like almonds are replete with fatty acids. Make them a part of your regular diet.

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