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When your children don't like school

Author: Kelly Kovacic
Published: Apr 15 2013

There are a variety of reasons why your children may dislike school such as dull instructional methods, unrealistic goals and poor reading abilities. Instilling the love of learning in children shouldn’t be something they dread. It should be a fun and educational experience that makes them want to explore the many subjects further.

When your children don't like school

Developing Skills at an Early Age

Helping your child master their skills at an early age can make them more successful in school and beyond. Promoting a love of reading starts during the early years and should begin while they’re in the womb. Making reading a part of your everyday activities with your toddler can raise their self-confidence and impact their education and future career. Reading to children while their brain is developing helps their neural capacities. This means that their chances at higher intelligence are greater than those who vegetate in front of the T.V. for hours on end.

Dull Instructional Methods

Dull and constrained learning methods will do nothing to encourage a child’s creativity. Using activities that gain their interest can make learning fun and further their skills. Instead of memorizing the alphabet or math tables, an educational rap song or rhyme can hold their interest longer and help them to comprehend the thought process behind it.

Unrealistic Goals

Children are individuals and learn at their own level. Setting unrealistic goals for a child that moves at a different pace can become frustrating and make them dislike school. When they’re given the freedom to learn at their own level and set goals that match their own skills, they will feel like they are achieving something and will want to learn. When you achieve success, you strive to learn more.

Poor Reading Abilities

Doing well in school starts early at home with reading. Instilling the passion for literacy can begin by sharing interactive books with your child. Letting them choose the book, turning the pages, practicing the sounds and reading with inflection and drama can make this an activity that they look forward to. Children with poor grades who don’t do well in school have been shown to be inadequate readers. This can trigger a path for below average grades and abominable study skills.

A reading specialist from the Reading Row website can give guidance to parents on how to lift their child’s reading scores and turn reading into something fun. A story should hold their interest, and the questions that follow should promote thinking yet still be fun. Reading books beyond their level can be discouraging. There will be times when you’ll be required to read certain books for school, but a child’s early years should be focused on their interests and hobbies. Through their love of reading, they may be led to other books and story lines outside their primary interests.

Children deserve a rewarding, fun and exciting learning experience that inspires them to achieve success. Through their love of reading and finding the necessary tools and teaching methods that instill creativity, you can make the difference in how they view school.

Kelly Kovacic posts this article to inform parents that there is help available if you have children that don’t like school. In order to teach your children to enjoy school, they need to develop a love of reading and a willingness to learn. Julie Pelligrino, who recognized this need, founded the Reading Row website that has reading specialists available to all parents who want to teach their toddlers the love of reading.

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