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How to improve health part 2

Author: Dr Peter Lind
Published: Nov 14 2012

Balancing the major metabolic systems; this is what you must do to improve your health.

If your adaptative capacity suffers because of bad sugar control, you may be advised to take a sugar lowering drug; fine for your sugar, but this may severely affect your metabolism. If you have fatty acid problems like high cholesterol, you may be advised to take a Statin drug; fine for your cholesterol, bad for your metabolism. In these cases you are certainly going to reduce your adaptative capacity. You are wearing your systems out. You will lower your vital reserves.

What if you just have a general decrease in vitality, a little fatigue, lower energy than normal, and a headache occasionally but you are otherwise fairly healthy?

This weakening could come from emotional stress, sleep deprivation, nutritional insufficiencies, or from hundreds of other causes in life. In one way or another you are losing your adaptative capacity as you age.

Two things: you are going to lose your adaptive capacity through your metabolic imbalances AND you are losing them through the ravages of the aging process. You will burn up your vital reserves and will not have the capacity to adapt.

When you are young and healthy you will have a high catabolic shift during the day: you are making energy, you are making hormones, are active and can handle life. You will also have a high anabolic shift in the evening: you are healing and repairing your entire system. If all goes well you continue this great cycle with dynamic swings and peak about your mid 20‘s. Then when you get to be around 32 years old things begin to decrease. At around age 53you notice your friends really begin to have health problems. But since you have taken care of yourself as you planned, your catabolic and anabolic phases swing gracefully throughout the day, year after year (unlike your friends who are getting sicker and sicker, taking more medications, while shortening their life).

Whatever you do you are either building yourself up or tearing yourself down.

If you do not jump out of bed before 7 am and ready to face the day then consider yourself lacking in your catabolic phase. You will have weight gain, fatty liver, fatigue, atherosclerosis, fluid retention, cancer, arthritis, and other conditions associated with pathological hyperplasia (from the relatively overactive anabolic phase-you aren’t able to slow this down and go into catabolism).

If you cannot slow down in the evening or have difficulty getting to sleep or wake up at night you are not able to fully activate all your healing and restorative processes. You are more catabolic – you continue to break down your system without adequate resources to heal. You will develop premature aging, lingering aches and pains, dementia, anxiety, heart failure, and all other conditions associated with catabolic disintegration.

You are either building up or tearing down. That’s all your body does. Ecclesiastes says this. You cannot go against this law. But if you are smart you can do many things to assist your marvellous body and mind and have all your systems functioning properly.

You are an intelligent, organized, synchronized being.
You deserve to live your life this way until you pass on.

Dr Peter Lind practices metabolic and neurologic chiropractic in his wellness clinic in Salem, Oregon. USA. He is the author of 3 books on health, one novel, and hundreds of wellness articles. His clinical specialty is in physical, nutritional, and emotional stress.

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