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Do natural male enhancement pills really work?

Author: Staggerlee Phillips
Published: Jul 25 2005

Copyright 2005 Staggerlee Phillips

Do natural male enhancement pills really work?

The short answer: Some do, some don''t. 99% of them are rip-off pills which are nothing more than vitamin pills.

What you should know from the outset is that some penis pill companies are being sued and put out of business. This is all to the consumer''s good, because it allows the more reputable male enhancement and penis enlargement companies to come to the fore, with products that DO work. These are the companies who take natural male enhancement to the next level, and who can provide the life-changing benefits that are desired.

"Don''t Believe The Hype"

In the past year, three false advertising lawsuits against the makers of herbal penis enlargement pills have been filed in the United States. All three suits seek class action status and claim to represent more than 1 million total plaintiffs.

The cases, filed in New Jersey, Colorado and Ohio, accuse manufacturers of herbal dietary supplements of falsely claiming to be able to add substantial length and girth to a man''s penis. The companies named in the suit are Alzare LLC of Boca Raton, Florida, manufacturers of Alzare tablets, Albion Drugs, manufacturers of VigRx pills, and Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, who produce Enzyte. These three products, incidentally, are also some of the most popular and highly-advertised penis pills, and some have appeared on late-night television info-mercials.

All three lawsuits claim that plaintiffs were unable to contact the companies for guaranteed refunds after spending hundreds of dollars for the penis enhancers. Thousands of complaints have been registered with local government agencies and the Better Business Bureau against these companies, and others. According to one watch-dog group, penis enhancement pills are more successful at subtracting from the male wallet than they are in adding length and fullness to the male organ.

The resulting lawsuits could spell big trouble for the penis enlargement pill pushers. It could also spell the beginning of the end of those companies who make false and sometimes outlandish claims that they cannot substantiate. There is also the likelihood that other class action lawsuits may be forthcoming.

As my old man would say, "What goes around, comes around."

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