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How alcohol can get in the way of your workouts

Author: Ieda Vincent
Published: Jan 15 2013

The consumption of alcohol is considered by many to be one of the most popular mood enhancing and recreational substances in society. In part, this is due to its high availability and the fact that it is perfectly legal to indulge in for adults. However, just because it is legal and widely used should not overshadow its many dangers. The fact is that many people do not realize how consuming alcohol can affect other health related factors in their lives.Exercise Logo

Psychology of Alcohol

People consume alcohol for a variety of reasons. Whether it is a simple glass of wine over dinner, a celebration or casual get together - many people drink on a regular basis. Some people drink to loosen up so that they can more easily socialize, while others may do it for relaxation and to fit in. Even adults tend to do this, particularly if they are in a bar with a group for happy hour, a sports event or other gathering.

Alcohol and Health Regimens

While most drinking is considered to be perfectly safe, the truth is that drinking even small or sporadic amounts of alcohol can affect energy levels and exacerbate certain health conditions. Whether it’s California or DUI lawyers in Orlando, most can attest to the fact that there is a reason why alcohol is not supposed to be consumed while on medication and if other health issues are present. This is because alcohol affects every part of the body’s nervous system.

Even those who eat healthy and exercise can be affected by consuming alcohol in ways they may have never even thought of. Most everyone understands that a hangover can impair physical performance. However, what many may not realize is that it can also affect how well the body operates on a daily basis, as well. For example, the body may not be able to perform or recover from a workout routine as well, because alcohol can weaken overall strength.

Hidden Effects of Alcohol

Most people seem to be aware that consuming alcohol regularly above recommended levels makes a person more prone to have strokes, heart attacks and get cancer. What they may not know is that alcohol can weaken the immune system, making one more vulnerable to illness and disease.

Living a relatively healthy lifestyle by eating good foods and getting adequate exercise does not negate the effects of regularly indulging in alcohol consumption. In fact, those in top condition may be more prone to even greater effects of alcohol much sooner than those who do not follow a healthy lifestyle. The reason for this is that the body’s natural reactors are in higher gear because their level of health is higher. Therefore, having just one drink could produce far more impairment than someone of poor health that is the same body size.

The above applies to people who exercise regularly as well. Particularly when beginning a new workout routine, the body is already adjusting to a new physicality. Consuming alcohol during this time can have a more negative impact, since the body is already responding to hormonal changes and adjustments.

Alcohol Alternatives

There are many alternatives to alcohol available when it comes to either recreation or relaxing. For example, a healthy exercise routine coupled with a visit to the spa is a great way to release tension without any side effects. In fact, regular exercise is well documented to have much better and longer relaxation effects overall. For example, some athletes have reported that extreme exercising can produce a high due to the release of endorphins. When the body sweats out toxins and the brain is stimulated, it is not uncommon to feel a state of peace and calmness.

Misusing alcohol by over indulging could result in accidents, DUI convictions and other unfortunate circumstances. However, being aware of the overall health implications is just as important to consider before deciding to consume alcohol, even on a casual basis.

Ieda Vincent is a former athlete and an avid runner and sees the importance of exercise. Katz and Phillips is an experienced firm of DUI lawyers in Orlando who will aggressively fight for your defense against DUI charges. They will diligently work through all possible options in an effort to minimize any conviction that may adversely affect the quality of your life.

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