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The good and bad of liposuction

Author: Ray Lehigh
Published: Apr 9 2013

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which fat is dissolved from a certain area of the body and then surgically removed. The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia and only the body part which is being worked on is injected with anaesthetic. People who benefit most from this surgery are those who are overweight or obese, or those who are self-conscious about any body part. There are many benefits and risks associated with liposuction. Here’s more on each:


For obese persons: Liposuction is beneficial for people who are obese and are experiencing health-related complications due to their weight. Such people usually find it difficult to lose weight using traditional diet and exercise methods, and are even recommended by their doctors to undergo liposuction. Losing the extra weight can help such persons live a healthier and more active life – only if they subsequently follow a balanced diet program and get enough exercise.

People with certain medical conditions: Liposuction is also beneficial for people who have certain medical conditions, such as the development of breasts in men, tumours of fat tissue on the body or lipodystrophy in which there is severely uneven fat distribution in the body as a side effect of certain medications or procedures. Patients who have these problems can benefit immensely from liposuction.

Shaping stubborn fatty areas of the body: Sometimes no matter how hard one tries to diet or exercise, it is impossible to remove fat from certain areas of the body. A person’s genes determine their size and shape, and not always can we attain the figure we desire with conventional diet and exercise methods. Liposuction can help in these cases by specifically targeting the troublesome area of the body and removing fat deposits from there. This can also boost a person’s self- esteem tremendously. However, it’s important to follow an exercise program for long lasting results.


Infection: Since it is an invasive surgery, there is always a risk of a person developing an infection. If performed poorly or at an unhygienic facility, the chances of risk increase tremendously. Since liposuction has become quite a common procedure, many small slimming centres have opened up offering cheap rates, but don’t always have the best equipment. Therefore it is advisable to undergo the procedure only at the best centres and consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon only.

Scarring: On the area of the body which is operated upon, there are small incisions made from where the fat is removed. These areas usually develop into scars, not matter how miniscule. In addition, if performed by inexperienced hands, more severe scars may develop which are almost always permanent in nature.

In order to minimise the risks associated with liposuction, always seek the help of an experienced surgeon before undergoing this procedure. And remember that post liposuction; you need to follow a healthy Diet To Go to keep the weight off permanently.

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