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Unemployment blues? fresh strategies in today's digital world

Author: Molly Pearce
Published: Jul 15 2013

The manufacturing base in the United States has been seriously limited since the enactment of NAFTA and many individuals find themselves in a difficult position attempting to find similar employment. Many of the affected workers do not have the technological skills necessary to find employment in the current market, but those who even have basic computer skills can still find employment online if they utilize all of the tools available. Digital companies have addressed this problem with modern, user-friendly software programs and online support and training for those willing to invest the necessary time.

a) Make The Right Choice

The Internet is quickly becoming the new virtual marketplace and all digital companies are in need of qualified personnel. It has also been an absolute boom town for those individuals with excellent organizational and entrepreneurial skills, as many digital start up companies have shown excellent growth patterns along with financial success. It is always important to choose employment that fits personal interests and abilities. Those individuals who love their work are never truly at work. The trick is to identify those interests in light of the opportunities available and follow through with the project. Success rarely comes quickly, so patience and diligence are important virtues to cultivate. Positions for programmers and page managers are always available.

b) Avoid Get Rich Quick Claims

Any website claiming to teach an individual how to make huge amounts of money on the Internet should be approached with caution. The general anonymity component of having the world at your fingertips also comes with inherent dangers, which are often general contemporary scams. Avoid purchasing software products that may be untested or that make exaggerated, superficial claims. However, there are some very useful digital tools available that actually do what they claim and can help a typical individual with productivity that results in a business growth. The path to financial success is one that is traveled at a studied, gradual pace.

c) Go Corporate From Home

Many established companies are fully utilizing their online presence in an effort to increase business volume. This translates to a need for qualified personnel who understand the dynamic of the online marketplace and have demonstrated an ability to work without supervision in a professional manner or for the outsourcing of marketing duties to a company that specializes in this area such as SEO firm Everspark Interactive.

One of the advantages of employment with an established traditional company is the possibility of full-time, permanent employment with a company that handles the primary marketing from office headquarters. Being part of a successful team can also help an individual enhance their personal resume and employment profile along with building a personal professional contact network.

d) Cultivate Your Entrepreneurship

There is a plethora of opportunities for today's job seeker online. Online stores abound and many of them are one-person operations, or ones that employ minimal staff. The same principles of advertising and marketing still apply, but the potential sales base is huge and the operational expenses can be minimal in the proper business.

Office professionals have recently found much success at turning their home into a remote office for companies needing sales representatives, answering services, and general clerical duties such as payroll preparation. Even writing webpage content or linkbuilding can be a lucrative endeavor for those with good writing mechanics. But once again, do not expect to "get rich quick." The real achievable goal is solid and regular income generation and business flow.

Employment termination is rarely fun, regardless of the situation. But, when one door closes another one often opens. Showing a willingness to attempt new projects can yield great success for those workers with the proper attitude and skill. It is clear that the Internet is the most fertile ground for contemporary employment and business success going forward in the 21st Century.

Freelance author, artist, and events host, Molly Pearce is always looking to expand and share her business knowledge and discover new ways to build her own brand so that unemployment will never be an issue. Everspark Interactive, a growing Atlanta-based marketing consultant and SEO firm, is one of the companies that provides her with inspiration. The company was built from the ground up by a small group of sharp entrepreneurs who recognized a need in today's web centered business world and met this need with quality services and expertise.

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