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Keep the gears of your mind turning to increase memory retention powers

Author: Iitian Infotech
Published: Aug 8 2013

Having a powerful memory is a positive attribute. It helps you personally to achieve more. It is appreciated by people who matter most such as friends, business associates or your superiors in office. Some are naturally gifted with power of memory while others have to work to increase memory retention through one of the many mnemonic techniques.

Increased memory

One of the easiest ways to improve memory is through mind exercises. Your brain is capable of diverse activities such as mathematical computations, intuiting, deciding what-ifs, solving puzzles, imagination, creativity as in music and painting or writing or combing all three when you pen the song and music and plenty more. The trouble is most people use their brains only for routine applications much the same way as people use computers to browse the internet and nothing else.

The key to mind exercises is to rely on simple principles of association, organization and imagination. Associate the item you wish to imprint in your memory with something colorful, vivid or something that has a lasting impact, usually associated with sensory organs such as touch, feel, smell, sight and sound. Keying important items to such sensory perceptions helps to increase memory powers. Another thing, do not let it simply sit in the background. Like a pack of cards, keep shuffling important items by setting aside a few minutes each day to review and recall important matters to keep your brain exercised.

Organizing your brain, giving it an internal structure much the same way a CPU or RAM module is organized into memory blocks, designating pointers to such blocks and associating pointers and memory blocks will help you keep diverse matters organized and compartmentalized for easy recall when you need it. Imagination is a wonderful way of mind exercises, going beyond the horizon and mentally creating what if situations or scenarios. The brain can operate mathematically with precise computational power and it can just as well handle fuzzy logic delving into improbabilities to come up with answers. Solving riddles and puzzles is another way to keep your mind smoothly oiled and in top gear all the time. Go beyond simple mathematical calculations and, just for fun, take up some involved and intricate mathematic computations, doing it manually, just so your mind power is used to the maximum, a sure way to increase memory.

Another way to exercise the mind is through gymnastics, yoga or tai-chi, physical actions that involve mind-body coordination as well as focus that can also be relaxing at the same time. Even though you may be well past middle age, these mind exercise skills are easily learnt. Learning a language or learning to play a musical instrument brings other parts of your brain into play. Dabble in graphic arts on your computer simply as a way to let your mind loose itself into the realms of imagination though you may not come up with anything brilliant. These and other mnemonics techniques are a great way to let your mind train your mind to retain that which is important for instant recall precisely when you want.

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