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The aftermath of an accident: don't let it destroy your marital relationship

Author: M.J. Collins
Published: Aug 29 2013

You may believe that your marriage can withstand any circumstance. In fact, your faith in your spouse and your marriage may be so unshakeable that you might overestimate the ability of both to survive your being in an accident. When you have been in an accident, you might not anticipate having to worry about anything other than your recovery. However, you may quickly find out, as other accident victims before you, that many marriages are tested and put to their limits when one spouse has been in an accident.

If you have been in an accident, you can keep your marriage intact and work toward a solid recovery by taking these suggestions into mind.

The Aftermath Of An Accident: Don't Let it Destroy Your Marital Relationship

Keep Worries at Bay with an Attorney

Your recovery could be hampered with worries about money and how you will pay your bills. As you recuperate, you ideally should not be facing these worries. This added stress could raise your blood pressure, make it more difficult for you to sleep, and even cause you to be depressed. You can escape these worries and focus more on your physical recovery when you hire an attorney to help you.

Your attorney, such as a Charleston accident attorney for Charleston residents, can handle the legal process surrounding your accident and run interference between you and the party responsible for your pain and suffering. When you rely on an attorney to help you, you and your spouse can focus on your recovery and be spared the agony of wondering how you will financially survive the aftermath of your accident.

Weigh Your Words and Emotions Carefully

As you recuperate, it is only natural that you will experience a range of emotions. You may feel scared, angry, anxious, eager, and full of fear, all within the span of one day. These emotional highs and lows can take their toll on your marriage, however. Your spouse also will be with you on this emotional rollercoaster.

It could be very tempting for you to lash out against your spouse or blame him or her for not understanding your dilemma. Once these words are spoken, however, you cannot take them back. In spite of all of your emotional ups and downs, you should weight your words carefully before you speak them to your spouse. This forethought could help you keep your marriage intact during your recovery.

Let Your Spouse Know You Need Him or Her

Many people are scared when their spouses have been in an accident. Aside from worrying that their loved one will not survive the accident, they may also worry that their partners may not be able to recuperate fully. You could inadvertently exacerbate this worry by shutting out your spouse and refusing to let that person help you.

As much as you may worry about burdening your spouse with your physical and mental worries, you should let your partner know how much you need him or her and need that person to be a partner in your recovery. Making that emotional connection early in your recovery can help your marriage thrive in spite of your accident.

You may believe that your marriage can survive the worst of circumstances. However, when you have been in an accident, you may quickly find that your spouse and your marriage could be tested. You can focus on your recovery and keep your marriage intact by remembering key pieces of advice, including hiring an attorney to guide you and your spouse toward a worry-free future.

M.J. Collins understands how stressful and emotionally tiring being in an accident can be. She encourages  married couples that finding an attorney in their area, like a Charleston accident attorney, is a must-do if they have been in accidents and aren't sure what their first plan of action should be.

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