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Hardships of a construction job injury: 4 positive ways to keep relationships intact

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Sep 2 2013

Hardships of construction job injury

You may not realize the relationship between your family life and your ability to work. Your family relies on you to take care of them and to provide for their physical and financial comforts. This relationship between your home life and work life can become very apparent when you are injured on the job, however. If you have been hurt at work, it can be vital for the sake of your family relationships that you take certain measures to ensure your family’s peace and to protect your family’s future.

1) Keep Lines of Communication Open

Many people who are injured or sick shut out others and only tell them half-truths about their condition. If you have been in an accident at work, it is vital for your family’s peace of mind that you keep the lines of communication open between you and them. Shutting out your spouse, parents, and children only lead to hard feelings and frustration that will be difficult to overcome later. Talking to them and hearing what they have to say to you can help you and your loved ones keep your familial relationship intact.

2) Be Honest about What is Going On

You should avoid trying to downplay your health situation. If your injury is considered to be grave, trying to make it into something minor in a misguided attempt to keep your family calm could lead to trouble later. Your family will feel betrayed if they find out that you have lied about your injury. Being honest about what is happening and acknowledging that you are uncertain or feel powerless can draw you and your family together during this crucial time.

3) Rely on Them for Help

You can also create a gulf between you and your loved ones by refusing to let them help you. If your injury is significant enough, you will invariably need someone to help you eat, bathe, and carry out other daily tasks. Acting too proud and angry turns people away from you when you need them the most. Admitting that you need them and relying on them to help you can help you feel closer and let them feel closer to you during your recovery.

4) Hire an Attorney

If you have been injured while working on a construction site, you will need to hire a local experienced attorney to advocate for you during your recovery. You more than likely will be urged to file a claim against worker’s compensation. Your employer will be expected to pay that claim, which could be met with resistance once your company gets that bill.

When you rely on a local attorney who is experienced in construction work accidents, you can be assured that your counsel knows the pertinent laws for your case and can pursue the case to the fullest. For example, if you were injured on site working a construction job in Manhattan area of New York City, then retaining a NYC construction accident attorney would be advised. You can provide the peace of mind to your family that your lawyer will help safeguard your earnings and protect your employment.

Being hurt at work can create a gulf in your family. You can maintain your familial relationships and stay close to your family by taking precautions immediately after the accident. By following the above tips, your chances of maintaining these relationships are greatly improved.

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