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Want a motorcycle? how to turn wifey's no to yes

Author: Teresa Stewart
Published: Oct 14 2013

After all the years of scrimping and saving, you're finally able to purchase the motorcycle of your dreams. But, your wife puts the breaks on your plan when she says, "no way," because she's worried about your safety.

Wanting a motorcycle

Now you have to convince her that anyone can get into an accident, whether riding on a motorcycle or driving a four-wheel vehicle. To calm her fears, tell your wife that you made a plan and have it all figured out.

Let's Talk Safety

Since your wife is worried, you will have to calm her fears about your safety. Tell her you spoke to a motorcycle accident attorney, such as one that can be found at Williams Law Association, P.A. in Tampa, Florida, so you are aware that any motorcycle accident is a serious event and you've made preparations to minimize the danger. So, tell her that you are going to:

1. Sign up for the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP). Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles requires you to do this anyway if you want a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license. During the 15-hour safety course, you'll learn basic and advanced motorcycles skills. Tell your wife that you can't sharpen your skills if you don't have a motorcycle.

2. Buy riding apparel. Since you know that your wife likes to shop, invite her to go along when you buy your bike clothing, which should includes long pants, a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves. Yes, you hate shopping with her; but just remember, you want her to be okay with you riding your bike. Tell her studies show that motorcyclists are better protected in leather in case of a spill. Add a bright scarf as it is more likely to be seen by other drivers, thereby decreasing risks of accident. Allow wife to participate in your excitement; she should get geared up too.

3. Buy a helmet for yourself and for her. In 2000, Florida repealed a law that required motorcyclists to wear a helmet. Now legislation requires motorcyclists who ride without wearing a helmet to have at least $10,000 worth of medical coverage insurance. Tell your wife that although you are not required by Florida law to wear a helmet while riding your motorcycle, you believe that wearing a helmet to protect your head from injury is the smart thing to do.

Let's Talk Insurance

Purchase medical payment insurance (pays regardless of fault) and liability insurance. Unlike other states that require motorcyclists to purchase Personal Injury Protection before they can operate their bikes, Florida does not have this requirement for vehicles with less than four wheels. Regardless, you should speak with an insurance agent about medical payment and liability insurance.

Some companies require you to purchase liability insurance in order to get the medical insurance. Liability insurance is beneficial in case you cause an accident and the other party files a claim against you for damages. With liability insurance, you do not have to pay out of your own pocket for the other party's injuries.

If after doing all of this your wife is still worried, tell her, as sincerely as you can, that owning a motorcycle has been a lifelong dream of yours and you would like for her to (take a gulp) "share" your dream with you and ride along with you (sometimes, but not too often) on your bike. Whether or not your wife becomes a believer remains to be seen, but at least you have convinced her that you know Florida laws and you intend to make motorcycle safety a top priority.

After working in the claims department of a motorcycle insurer, Teresa Stewart became an advocate for motorcycle safety. In Tampa, K. C. Williams of Williams Law Association, P.A., leads a team that is experienced in a variety of personal injury cases resulting from motorcycle accidents. Whether compensation is needed for medical bills or cycle repair, he fights aggressively to protect the client's rights.

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