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Infographic takes the confusion out of feng shui

Author: Uma Campbell
Published: Nov 27 2013

Your home should be a calm place that exudes positive energy that you can then carry out to other areas of your life. The idea that the colors and objects that fill your home are connected to your life experiences is at the center of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that aims to bring more positive and prosperous energy by providing an outline for how you should design and decorate your home.

The thousand year old practice of Feng Shui can be confusing for someone not familiar with it. There are a few different schools of Feng Shui, all with their own rules and guidelines, the one outlined below is referred to as a Western version. However, this easy to follow infographic below, brought to us by Soothing Walls, creates an easy to follow grid for your house with every space of your home included. This form of Feng Shui does not rely on compass directions, all you would need to do to use the chart for your own home is to align the bottom of the chart with your front door. Check it out below and see if you can start applying some of these techniques to your house today.

Feng Shui infographic

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