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Fermented foods can score your daily nutrition

Author: Jessica Robert
Published: Dec 27 2013

Fermented foods contain probiotics and can actually help you improve your daily nutritional intake. The probiotics present in such foods helps to replenish essential bacteria in our colon. So, eating a lot of yoghurts or drinking fermented teas like kombucha or kimchi at Korean eateries may in reality be healthier than you can imagine. Incidentally, fermented foods have always been recommended for their health benefits.

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Why are fermented foods good for our daily nutrition?

Fermentation is perhaps one of the most traditional food preservation methods; yet most people are not really aware of the advantages of eating fermented foods. Even acclaimed meal delivery service providers like Nutrisystem use fermented bread base for many of their breakfast meals. In fact, the meal delivery service supplies nutritionally balanced meals based on the inputs you provide to them. You can view the diverse menu options and bread base foods by visiting their official website. Let us have an overview on the benefits of fermented foods.

Improves digestion:

Fermentation has been used for producing many other kinds of foods like bread and vinegar or pickles that are prepared using various fermented vegetables. Besides keeping foods safe and well preserved, fermentation favors production of beneficial microorganisms that enable better digestion. In the process of fermentation, natural ingredients are used for the production of probiotics or such beneficial microorganisms. The latter are needed to restore the bacteria balance in the gut. When there is an imbalance of the bacteria in this region, it may lead to physical conditions like gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and lactose intolerance. Eating fermented foods makes your digestion faster and better and you are less likely to suffer from stomach-related ailments.

Healthy for pregnant women:

Fermented foods increase the levels of folic acid that is very useful for pregnant women. It protects against birth defects. These foods are full of useful enzymes which are necessary for food digestion and absorption.

Long lasting: Fermented foods automatically last long; this is why yoghurt stays longer compared to milk as do pickles and salsa. Fermented foods can also help to improve the overall taste and flavor of foods.

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Improves immunity: We can add fermented foods to our daily diet because these benefit the immune system, making it far stronger. For instance, those finding it hard to digest milk may actually be able to digest milk in the form of yoghurt much easily. The organic fermented foods contain many enzymes which help our bodies absorb many of the essential nutrients. When the body can successfully assimilate essential nutrients, the immune system is strengthened and far better equipped to fight illnesses.

It is important to understand that to include fermented foods in the diet; you do not actually have to make entire meals using them. You can only include spoonfuls of sauerkraut on meat for enjoying its health benefits. Incorporating these foods in the diet is also reasonably easy; for instance you can always choose yoghurt over milk or buy fresh sourdough breads. When probiotics are destroyed, opportunistic bacteria take their place and this causes fungal or yeast infections in the body. Therefore, probiotics are absolutely indispensable for creating an ecosystem within our body that can successfully transfer nutrients throughout the body. So when you are looking for a diet which allows you to stay healthy, you must remember to include fermented foods in your daily diet. Their health benefits make them a useful addition to every meal.

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