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Your frame of mind may determine your health

Author: Randy Stafford
Published: Jul 25 2005Copyright 2005 Randy Stafford The mind absolutely amazes me. It will never be understood, yet it?s been said that a healthy body makes the mind work better and it?s been said that the mind can destroy the body. I?m sure you?ve heard about the power of the mind healing the body too. When I was young, I tried to use my mind to arm wrestle bigger stronger guys. I would win. It would take a lot of concentration. Now, I?ve personally witness how the mind can destroy the body too. Before I go into that, have you ever wondered where all that strength comes from out of adrenaline? Your muscles are still only so big! You back is not made of steel. When you get scared things like ?CARS? are lifted up! I had always felt like I could control the flow of my adrenaline to some point due to the fact, I feared losing. On the other side, my mother was the kind of person that was cursed with the power of suggestion. She was what I considered a doctors dream come true. Any doctor could take advantage of her and know they?d never get sued. My mother was a hypochondriac. Yep, she could even plan her sickness. She?d tell us not to come over in days ahead because she was going to have a sick headache. She really did have one too. In 1952, my mother got what is called the San Juan Valley fever. That was the start of a never ending story. We moved away from California and moved to Texas. A doctor here in Texas, took one of her lungs out. Afterwards, he had told her it would be best for her to start smoking. This would help her build the other lung UP. She agreed. I believe that was around 1959 or so. My mother started depending on doctors after that. She developed some complications. Now, it didn?t help that my mother had high blood pressure ,was over weight, had asthma, bronchitis, one lung, smoked 3 packs of filterless cigarettes a day ,took a hand full of pills a day and drank coffee like it was going out of style. I believe she was sick. My mother didn?t have one doctor, she had two or three. What?s worse is she usually had 2 or 3 pharmacists. When you talk about poisoning people, you can start right here. The first thing you do is get the person to loose weight so you give them ?SPEED?. That?ll do it. Well, that also raises the heart, so you go see a heart doctor and he see a problem. No problem, a few more pills and off she goes. After a few here and a few there, we have a person that not one insurance company will touch with a 10 foot pole. Here is the great part. I am just glad that one of those doctors included the happy pill since they were killing her. I hardly ever seen my mom sad. She was always high on life, I thought. She was high, low, and everything else. I don?t think she ever had depression. I bet she was treated for it. I bet she was treated for lots of things. I believe doctors have to be real careful what they say to patients. The mind is a scary piece of art. If the wrong words are used, it could trigger them to be sicker than they really are. I don?t know what the trigger was but the attention mother got was from doctors and they got money. They did not cure her. They made her sick. Now this is my own opinion and I will die by that opinion. Most everyone in this world has some common sense. When we see commercials now, we also see that they are selling popular drugs. After they tell you how great the drug is, they read the side affects to you. Well, it?s a trade off. You can live with your problem, or you can risk having the side affects. My definition of a side affect is POISON. If there is a side affect, they didn?t get it right. Hypochondriacs really do make their selves sick. When you believe your sick, I believe it weakens your system. Of course taking everything I mentioned above didn?t help. Mom died at 50. Randall Stafford (find a healthy way to Live) Randall Stafford has been on the internet since 1994. He loves to help people. This article is reprinted with permission from w

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