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Green beer and good behavior: keep st. patricks fun!

Author: Nadine Swayne
Published: Mar 6 2014

The bars, parades, and festive atmosphere are typically what draw most people to St. Patrick’s Day. However, excessive alcohol consumption, driver impairment and accidents can put a halt to the merriment. You can successfully navigate around the “Green” exuberance with the following safety and wellness tips.

St Patricks Day Safety

Predetermine Your Route

You can predetermine your destination and route for your family and friends ahead of time by ensuring that everyone gets to and from their planned events safely. Whether you attend a parade, party or sample the various beers from your local bar, you should select a safe means of travel. This can include everything from a designated driver and cab to plotting out your bus route and sleeping over at a friend’s home.

Smartphone apps also make it easy to locate the nearest taxi, so you never have to get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated. The apps also have the means to determine your level of intoxication.

In the event of a car crash, you have many points to consider as one Orlando Florida car accident lawyer expresses,"When you sustain more serious or costly injuries, on the other hand, you may need broader compensation. You may need to have money to pay medical bills that exceed your no-fault coverage and you may have a lifetime of lost wages if your injuries prevent you from returning to work." An accident can occur either from you overindulging on St. Patrick's Day or at the hands of another driver. Safety is always key.

Food Consumption

If you plan on partying the St. Patrick’s Day away, you need to try and consume regular meals throughout. Imbibing on an empty stomach is a sure-fire way to put an immediate end to your festivities. The right nutrients can also allow your body to absorb the alcohol properly and help you to avoid becoming inebriated.

Host A Mock-tail Party

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be filled with excessive drinking and intoxication. You can host your own fun and exciting celebration by serving mock-tails, games and good food. You’ll find a host of alcohol-free options that are geared for the special occasion, and your friends won’t even miss the buzz. You can make your own “luck of the Irish” green shakes, alcohol-free punch and spritzers to coincide with the day. Paired with corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, and you can provide a safe and exciting haven for your guests.

Use Extreme Caution

While you may be a sober, responsible and safe driver, you need to stay alert to other individuals who are driving under the influence. St. Patrick’s Day has seen a significant number of traffic accidents and whether you’re traveling by foot or car, you need to use extreme caution when traveling. If you happen to see someone weaving in and out of traffic, you can do your part by reporting them to the authorities.

The latest technological advances have made it easy for drivers to alert their local law enforcement authorities to problematic drivers, especially those under the influence. By taking down their license plate and pulling off to a safe location to make the call, you can report the individual before they do harm to other innocent victims. You can also have another passenger in the vehicle make the call for you.

Drinking and partying aren’t the only options for St. Patrick’s Day. You can select safe events that allow you to have a fun celebration without the hangover. Activities such as running races, parades and going out for some sumptuous food can be a great way to mark the occasion.

St. Patrick's Day safety is important to writer Nadine Swayne and she offers this information to help others. While doing research online, she looked up the term Orlando Florida car accident lawyer, and gathered informative materials on accidents due to these festive holidays and to help stress the importance of celebrating responsibly.

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