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Easing social anxiety and autism through oxytocin spray

Author: Jack Dawson
Published: Sep 16 2015

As people become older, there is a possibility of less oxytocin being produced. Deficiency in oxytocin can result in undesirable effects such as depression and anxiety. The major health benefits of oxytocin constitute its impact on anxiety and stress. Oxytocin supplementation can help ease the symptoms of oxytocin deficiency among autistic individuals and those who have social anxiety.

Fast Acting and Long Lasting

Oxytocin is recognized for its ability to boost emotional bonding, improve intimacy and effectively counter anxiety. Using a nasal spray makes it possible to have the hormone administered directly for instant and long lasting impact that is easier to achieve than with other forms of treatment. The supplement is designed to act fast to reduce stress levels and improve social abilities.

More than a Love Hormone

Oxytocin is popularly referred to as the love or trust hormone but it does much more than strengthen bonds between couples. It contributes to the ability to not only have stronger relationships, but deal with a range of psychological challenges as well.

For people who may not be able to produce adequate oxytocin within their system, there is always the option of using the synthesized molecule in the form of a drug or supplement. Social barriers make it hard for people to achieve their goals and move ahead in life. Oxytocin is vital for dealing with these barriers, boosting positivity and self esteem as well as establishing trust.

It helps people handle their social inadequacies and overcome the fears that they may have during social encounters. Oxytocin nasal spray can be used to treat extreme shyness and help individuals who have social anxiety and similar psychological disorders.

Communication Disorders and Depression

Along with helping people overcome social inhibition, the hormone supplement can treat individuals who struggle with the emotional effects of traumatizing situations. Autism is among the social disorders that affect the ability to communicate effectively. Oxytocin can help improve communication skills and serve as an antidepressant.

When people have low levels of the hormone they may become depressed and anxious. Since oxytocin has the ability to treat social anxiety, it can also provide stress relief. Stress is attributed to high levels of cortisol in the body that can be reduced by taking a dose of oxytocin.

Social Situations and Anxiety

For many people, social situations can be extremely stressful. Oxytocin is a naturally occurring supplement that can be taken through a nasal spray to make you feel more relaxed and at ease. Nasal forms of oxytocin can be useful for improving the way that people perceive themselves under social circumstances.

The naturally produced hormone eases the process of childbirth and lactation. It is associated with empathy, countering anxiety and facilitating social recognition. Oxytocin helps to change self perception for people who are uncomfortable in social situations. This makes people more socially active and confident.

When oxytocin is administered, people are more likely to be sociable and trusting within a social context. Oxytocin treatment amplifies positive attributes and personality traits that include trust and confidence. Nasal spray can be administered to ease anxiety and improve the social abilities that are hampered by autism.

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