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Penis enlargement surgery research

Author: Robbie Alekson
Published: Aug 4 2011

Why Write About Penis Enlargement Surgery?

I decided to write this article because many men who were born with "less manhood" might be considering penis enlargement surgery, and may not have all the facts. I spent a considerable amount of time researching this type of surgery, and came across some very interesting information that I would like to share with you. In this article, you will find out how much a typical operation is, what warning factors are associated with the procedure, and what you can expect to achieve if surgery is successful, and if it is not.

How The Procedure Is Performed And Typical Results

Penis enlargement surgery is intended to result in a permanent enlargement of the shaft of the penis. The typical method of surgically increasing the penis size is to transplant fat cells from other areas of the body, since the spongy material of the penis is not found elsewhere in the body. The fact that fat cells do not normally make up the shaft means that what we are trying to do here is not natural, and the risk is high that the penis will not look normal when we are done. Both the length and girth of the penis can be permanently enlarged by this method, however, the tip or head of the penis remains the same size as before this enhancement.

As you can guess, sometimes the results of the surgery are that the person has a thick and wide penis with what looks like a tiny head. If you are considering this, please be sure to request before and after pictures of the patients who were successful, and also be sure to discuss with the doctor how your member will look with a larger shaft and an unaltered head.

Costs And Unexpected Difficulties Associated With The Surgery

The procedure typically ranges between $4,000 and $17,000, and with the high potential for a botched job, it is both a risky and costly crap shoot to try and enhance a tiny love muscle this way. It is estimated that 1 out of every 3 men will have more than one procedure, to get things just right. The reason for this is because of the inherent unpredictability of the spongy material that the penile shaft consists of, and because there is not yet a suitable way of analyzing both the flaccid and fully erect penis, to reconstruct it in a nearly perfect way.

The Psychological Impact

The psychological impact of the apparent success or failure of this procedure has one of the most amplified effects of any surgical procedure performed today. Just as a man's virility and ultimately his manhood are closely tied to the size of his erect penis, so too is the man's self image tied to the visual results of the procedure. If it is a success, the man's self image can grow exponentially, and that man can become the most that he possibly can in life. Similarly, if the procedure is botched, the man's psyche can crumble, leaving all areas of his life in daily misery and despair.

It is uncommon, but sometimes the penis is destroyed by the anesthesia that is used during the procedure, and men are unable to achieve even a mild erection in rare cases. In this case, the man's only recourse is to have a penile implant inserted, where he can pump it up like an Air Jordan tennis shoe when he is ready to get his groove on.

Botched Procedures

The biggest problem with surgery is when the patient's penis makes him look like something odd - sort of like the hunchback of Notre Dame. There are botched procedures that have resulted in odd shapes and irregular erections - and in approximately 10% the patient's erection is still not stiff and powerful.

Many doctors do not perform penile enlargement surgery on men until and unless surrounding tissues are suitable enough to provide structure and can be used as a backup plan in the case of a botched procedure. The major drawback with penis enlarging surgery is it cannot reliably be performed without risk for every man who is in need of the procedure.

Alternatives That Have Higher Success Rates

After doing my research on how to enlarge the penis, I decided that this penis stretching surgery was not the best option for most, and that in most cases a penis vacuum pump or a natural enhancement pill or patch - provides a patient with more closely what they need: a larger love-tool during intercourse, an increased libido, larger and harder erections, and mind-blowing amounts of ejaculate that women are known to enjoy enormously.

Ultimately the safest method for penis enlargement is to combine natural penis enlargement exercises, a 100% natural male enhancement, and better nutrition / more exercise. Vimax pills and patches have quickly become the most successful option of the 100% natural cures, without the risks associated with chemicals or surgical procedures.

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