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Two years chats, two dates, no move yet

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Him and I have been chatting for almost 2 1/2 years now. I'm into him. Two years ago we met accidentally at a bar, had good time, drank a couple of bears. Was it the bear talking, I don't know, but I took him by the hand, then he walked me p the taxi, then we kissed. On the next morning-nothing but chatting. A week later I asked him if he wanted to talk about what happened. He said it'd be interested to pretend nothing happened. He kept on the chats going , I have ups and downs. So far-2 years passed by like that. He initiated two dates in the meantime, keeps on chatting, talking about his family, problems, we laugh a lot as well. I enjoy his company but he hasn't made any serious move yet. What's wrong? Where would that take me to? Am I doing something wrong? Usually when we say goodbye after a date we hug, sometimes he holds me look her in his arms, sometimes he doesn't...I am really, really confused. What do I do now?

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