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Now she's sorry and I'm happy

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Hiya I'm Emma Im 15 years old. My mam and dad broke up a while ago they are now going to get a divorced this doesn't upset me, its got me what I've always wanted. My dad moved back in with my nan. I was dead jealous of him because I have always wanted to live with me nan, she's the nicest person ever and has been the only person who ever got me. My dream finally came true where I told my dad and nan that I wanted to move in with them too and they both finally said I could when I told them I didn't want to go back to my mams house because of how she is with me. They knew this was true and I wasn't making things up and my dad told my mam I was staying with them from then on. I have never been happier I don't have panick attacks much anymore, because my nan promised to get me a counsellor and she did and now I get myself a bit more. I don't have to see my mam and sister everyday and think they are going to be horrible to me its so relieving. I like my new school, its not as strict as my old one and I've made lots of new friends who like me and don't think I'm weird because I sometimes get panicky. I'm allowed to go out my mam was really strict and never let me out with my old friends. I feel like I'm a new person, the person I've always wanted to be but I was just trapped by something. My mam is trying to be nice to me now she says she misses me a lot and loves me. She's wants me to visit her at the weekends, I tell her maybe but I don't want to. She says I must be home sick but I'm not. I haven't told her this but I don't want to go back to my old house, sleep in my old room there are loads of unhappy memories there, not even for a weekend. I wouldn't go if someone paid me. I don't miss the area or my old friends don't miss her much or my sister. I see my sister sometimes when she comes to stay but we ignore each other. I want to hang out with my new friends not my mam, she never wanted to hang out with me or take me anywhere before because I was embarressing. Its confusing because before and after my mam and dad broke up it felt like she hated me, she always shouted at me for everything sometimes hit me and always showed she liked my sister more then me. Now she's misses me. Now she loves me. Now she cares. It sounds like she's trying to say sorry and I feel bad for how I feel but my nan said she and my sister should of been nice to me in the first place. What do you think?

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