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I just don't know what to do!

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I have returned to my home town after 15 years of being away. I have 2 daughters aged 12 and 16. My relationship broke down after a 5 years of being together. I divorced 6 years ago after my marriage broke down with my previous relationship. It's been hell for many years as the father of my children refused to see the girls some 3 years ago! I struggled without family support for many years hence why I have moved back home. I thought new start new life. Here's the problem. I am currently living with my mother who has a lot of mental health problems and quite frankly it's been a nightmare. She's nasty and just can't support. My sister too is showing major signs of mental breakdown and hasn't spoke to me really since I've been home. My eldest daughter is massively homesick and begging me to take her back but my youngest is begging me to stay m. I've now realised that I do love my partner and we are currently back together. My life in the country now doesn't seem so bad and I have many supportive friends back home! Here's the question. Do I uproot the children again and move back? I'm in absolute dispair and I've no idea where to take my life right now! Please please help, any advice would help. Thanks

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