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Marriage failing

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I've been married 7 yrs,my husband is 53 and I'm 43.its been a long hard marriage,my husband has lied and kept secrets,is really bad with money(I don't even know how much he earns as I have no access to his account)he hasn't had sex with me for 15 months and has slept on the couch for well over half our marriage.he has straight out said that he will not talk about our problems and calls me a whinging bitch when I try and talk about things,which then of coarse ends up in a huge argument.i have expressed to him how lonely and depressed I feeland he doesn't care,I don't believe he loves me anymore.we are falling behind in bills ect because of the way he is with money and according as him it doesn't matter.i feel like I'm not good enough and I feel I'm on the verge of a breakdown.I know I'm not perfect but I've done everything I can to keep this marriage together

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