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Mixed signals and temper

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I met this guy exactly a month ago. Even though we were both drunk there was an immediate connection. He was hooked to me the entire day we spent together So we exchanged numbers, but it was about two weeks before he could see me again, and in that time I tried to convince myself that it was the alcohol and heat talking that day, and that maybe I didn't want to see him again. But who was I trying to fool After the two weeks had passed, I had to house sit for my boss and told him this was his perfect opportunity. So I ended up meeting two of his best friends, and he came home with me. Once more I tried to tell myself this was a mistake. But everything just felt so natural and relaxed. I was terrified because he felt like coming home He ended up spending the whole weekend with me, and he even drove an hour and a half with me to go see my friend I haven't seen in four years, he played with her eleven year old son, and was even willing to spend the night there with me During the time we spent together, he said things like this seems like love, and that I'm one of the greatest girls he's ever met And on that note, he is extremely good looking and attractive and used to girls falling at his feet, so he's been around plenty I met all of his friends, and went out clubbing with them a few times, and each time he just left me alone and did his own thing. I didn't make a big about this, because we both agreed to go with the flow and see where things went We have all the benefits of a relationship without the serious commitment, and whenever anyone asks or assume we are together his reaction is

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