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I want to stay friends but scared I get too close

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(I've just entered university and met a guy studying masters in the same department as me(I'm an undergraduate) we are both international students) I met this person a little more than a month ago , from the start we got along really well. Having the same interests and he mostly took the initiative to invite me out daily since we lived close and didn't have many close friends to go out with so it was often just us two. It was clear from his actions that he liked me and he is a really nice caring guy. I have not developed feelings for him yet. My guy friend seemed to not like him and warned me to be careful because a guy with a girlfriend shouldn't act this way to another girl. His fb said that he had a( Ldr )girlfriend and I was curious so I asked him directly because at this point we were so close we could talk about almost anything he told me he had a fight with her before moving to this country for his studies so their relationship is in a rough spot . They soon broke up and he actually confessed to me the day after he told me they broke up. I asked to stay friends and he was perfectly fine with it. However he still acts the same he did , if not even closer than before and I'm not sure if he's still going for me. The reason why I haven't done anything about it is because I'm very unsure myself of my feelings , it's comfortable and fun having him around and I myself don't really know what it feels like being in love. My problem is I don't want a boyfriend at this moment and he is my closest friend right now, I don't want to lose that. Yet I'm also afraid that I give into the closeness and end up going out with him. I'm also unsure if he really likes me or if I'm just there and he wants a girlfriend(it feels like he started going for me the week after we met-too soon?). Should I talk it out with him or just let things happen as they do ? (I haven't had much experience in relationships clearly XD)

I want to stay friends but scared I get too close

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He is important to u. Atleast he knows how things function in your new environment, he is your free tour guide, most of all he can better help you around your department and help you with educational information which is your main priority. You are lucky to have him. ** He is not a guy to loose and he is certainly NOT a guy you should have an affair or love life with at this time. Atleast not now. You will have a lot to loose when you guys officially go into a relationship now. You need access to other information that's gonna help you and he can provide it freely now because it won't be detrimental to him since your just his friend. Getting into a relationship with him will be like a reward to his kindness. But is that all u can offer. **should I talk it out with him or just let things happen as they do?? The kinds of stories u tell a man will either make him come for you or let you go. What are the stories you told him about your love life?. U might have told him "you don't really have a boyfriend and you don't intend getting one now" Well those kind of words for me means i need to do better to win her heart maybe she might change her mind and love me. What I'm trying to say here is I rather not have a formal talk with him on the issue but within your normal discussions let him know that u have someone you love very much. But don't try to make him distance from you. Always keep him close and remember what you are there for. Your studies comes first. Good luck and wish u well on your studies.

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