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Okay so my dad has friends my age and they have bonfires in the woods every weekend. I started going to them more recently since my boyfriend left me. And Austin, one of his friends, was being really nice to me like driving me home after I had been drinking. And he always asked me if I wanted to take the long way home or the short cut. But home and him always just got along and he makes me laugh a lot. And I have a big crush on him but I'm not so sure if he likes me or if I even want him to because the problem here is he has a fiancé that has his child on the way in 12 weeks. But one night when I was crying about my ex, we sat in his jeep and talked about it and then he opened up to me about his fiancé, and he apparently tried to leave her right before she got pregnant and she wouldn't let him and then she ended up pregnant. He says she isn't into the same things as him anymore and she just isn't fun. I don't know what to do. I feel like we have everything in common and I'm very attracted to him, but I feel very bad about it.

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