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Regretting to be human... wish I was a robot forever!!!

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Hi guys...this is the first time i am posting something here...infact the first time i felt i needed a forum to post things n discuss my personal probblem...well to cut short its all about marriage between me n someone whom i love who is of opposite religion n i am dead sure my parents wont allow for this at any cost...i thoight i shoudl forget all this and focus on my upcoming exams but somehow thinga got worst when my partners family members forced to see proposals for marriage ...i was completely heart broken...wasted lot of time crying and then thought of moving on but my partner returned to me saying it was all drama for delaying marriage when again things get normal , my family forces me to either pass the exam else they shall get me married...i tried telling my grandmom about my relationship but she tuk it to the next level n told my mom about it n things got more im being doubted at home.. N thought of my marriage is accelerated...i am soo depressed that i have also tried visiting a counsellor to get rid of all this mess...i am fed up of all these issues in life...1 month for my exams and im nower ... I feel ljke dieing ...please someone help me ...i m hating all of it...

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