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Trying to repair broken relatioship

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My wife of 4 years and I have reached are temporary living apart but still together. It's mostly my fault because I didn't love or treat her the way she deserved I didn't appreciate her, took her for granted and wasnt there as much as i should have been. My wife has given me two chances in the last year to change and I did try to change because i love my wife very much and i let things go back to the way it was. Now we had a very good talk and communicated very well and I finally understand what she needs in the relatioship. Im commited to changing 100 percent and treat her the way she deserves i dont ever want to go back to the way i was toward her i love her very much and want to spend my life with her. But this time her walls are up and She says take it day by day and that she is not sure what she wants. My wife admitted the her feeling this way is because she is afraid my change will not last. I will never give up on her and will work hard to be the best man I can be for her. It's been 3weeks into the new changed me we talk n see each other every day . But the walls are still there she shows no emotion or trys to hide it but I still see the love in her eyes . And she never tells me what she is feeling . We do kiss but nothing else. I'm confused is it to late or does it need more time for the walls to slowly come down.

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