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His affairs that lasted 8 years but he wants me to prove to him I'm the one

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Ive been married 8 years. One month into my marriage i found out my husband was talking to other females (One female he has been talking to off and on our entire marriage). He stated he would end it. But it still continued with different women for years. 5 years into our marriage i had an emotional affair with someone. It took a BIG toll on my marriage and after some time i regained his trust again and things seems perfect. Well again this same female who he has been taking to since we got married showed up on our phone bill again. I started to not feel connected with my husband anymore but i did still love him. Like a fool, i confided in a guy at work and we started texting inappropriate things to one another and went out for drinks a few times. It ate my up inside so i ended it. My husband found out and was devastated. Once again we talked about it and i let him know i was sorry and i ended it so i practically begged him to stop talking to the one female and any other females he was talking to. He agreed, but it never happened. A few days ago I confronted him about talking to this home wrecker still and, like every other time, he flips it on me. So this time he told me he wasn't in love with me and wanted a divorce. I begged him, like a fool not to because i still loved him. He still is telling me that he loves me and he told me he wants me to try to make it work. Try to prove to him I'm the woman he should stay married to. We have 2 kids, still sleep in the same bed, and are still living life a married couple. I told him i know i have things to work on within myself and within this marriage but i can't work on the marriage knowing he is still talking to these females and especially the one he has been talking to. He avoided the topic and just told me to act normal and things will fall in place. I want my husband and my marriage to work, but i can't do that knowing he is talking to other women. I can't even look at him during sex because i feel like he is thinking of one of them. What should i do? Help!!!

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