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Just friends or no? Someone please explain this

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Ive been messing around and talking to this guy for about 5 months now. and i have no idea what is going on. Ive tried having a talk with him and he says its just a friendship. But im so confused as to if its really just a friendship. We have sex. We go to bed together. Make suppers together. Cuddle on the couch together. He has a job where he works away. So i only see him one week out of the month but almost all of his time is spent with me. He just recently spent 5 days with me laying on a couch and hardly anyone else. he says we are just friends. But how do i know if hes falling for me or not. before he started talking to me. He was dating a woman who screwed his best friend. he acts like he likes me sometimes, but has told me i can screw other people. I have decided on multiple occassions to try to stop talking to him. But he will always text me after a day or two just to see how im doing. He goes on little trips with me. Takes me for drives. His mom knows about me, his family, his friends. They have all seen us together. Hes never tried to hide it. and i know it sounds silly but he will text and tell me he wants me to come try his moms cooking. yet he will still flirt with other girls at a bar. And im pretty positive he would hook up with one if i wasnt there. But he always leaves with me. its not just a sex thing cause we do a lot more than that. the other night we had a talk and got a little closer to each other. then the next night he surprised me with my favourite food because i had said it was my favourite. He said

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