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Advice needed about boyfriend

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I love my boyfriend but he snores. It’s really bad. Anyway the last few holidays we have gone on holiday he has snored. He knows he snores. Last time he went on holiday with me he snored. I was awake the whole night not even attempting to sleep. It just grated on my nerves. So then the next day I asked him to sleep for fours hours first and then I’d wake him so I could sleep. It didn’t work. By third day I was exhausted and then I said I would sleep first. He has even sworn at me when I have said as he’s sleeping thAt he snores. He gets so moody. Sometimes he’ll get to prove a point about food he will pay the bill without eating as he doesn’t like the food. Anyway what happened recently was that I had done night shifts and I had finished at 7 am. Got to where I was staying and slept from 8 am to 11am. He insisted on meeting me as I had a train to catch home to my relatives. He says I wasn’t staying in a good area but I had gone out in the night and returned early morning with no problems. So I’d had very little sleep. We went to coffee shop of his choice. I had two bags and wanted to sit on small table and chairs. But he said let’s sit on longer stools. One bag I placed in front of me. The other bag was behind my stool. I checked it two times and it wS there. As we were getting up I noticed it was gone. We were told to call the police. There was so many things in there. I was so upset. Later when I got home he text me. I said that if he hadn’t insisted on meeting me. If he hadn’t gone on about the area and if he just kept any eye on My bag then this wouldn’t have happened. And I said where was his concern when I’ve left his place at night to start my shift and he’s not bothered to check if I got there or not. I said I felt vulnerable. He’s not text me back since then. I’m angry and upset about whole thing and at him. Am I being unreasonable.

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