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Taking my PC abroad

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Well there are many forums about taking a pc abroad but i have some different question because of changes in the laws.... My flight might be going through the US who have strict laws even tho i am a US citizen (PS- I am currently in India and moving to Canada). So 1. Is it even possible to take a pc through US? 2. Are there any issues with the customs in any country? (please specify the countries) 3. Do i need to be worried to my parts being stolen? 4. Is it better to ship it through a company like BlueDart or something? 5. Is safety of my parts ensured ( i will take all precautins while packing it up) I have spent like 30000+ INR which is approx 500 USD. Specs are 16gb of ram, Nvidia GTX 750ti 2gb, core i5 . I am very worried pls help :) Thanks in advance :D

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