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Hi all, I'm just going to jump right in. I've been feeling down about a number of things in my life. normally i can be positive and look past them but sometimes it just gets to me. i think it'll be easier if i just list the problems. things like: - i've been unemployed for some time and i'm struggling to find work - i get anxious about lots of things e.g. i'm doing driving lessons and as soon as i book a lesson i start feeling nerves even though my instructor is good and my driving is improving. - i've never been in a relationship and the more i think about it or if there's someone i like, it gets harder and i basically can't do anything in those situations. -i have two younger brothers both bigger than me and with deeper voices, people are often surprised that i'm the oldest which makes me insecure sometimes. even had people say i sound 15 (i'm 22) -one of my brother is working, and passed his theory the first time while it took me too many times to say, so i feel like my parents subconciously compare him to me. -i don't have much confidence or self esteem if that wasn't obvious. i'm just trying to find the best ways to tackle this and live my life. thanks.

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