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I was a little different from my childhood, I wanted to be an army officer, but unfortunately I couldn't . Since childhood days there were many boys in my friends, so I have never felt a different attraction towards boys. I started going to school and went to the college and then the university, I did not change my mind. All of my family's loved ones have had love marriage and they are very happy. When I first said them that I did not want to get married they did laugh at me, thinking that I was kidding but after some years they realized that I was serious about this. Now when I talk to them, all they talk about is marriage. They do not mean that they are now forcing me to get married , they want me to think about marrying now and want me to date someone. But for me, marriage,relationship is like a burden what would not let me live freely and it seems to me that I am happy living alone. I never think that I needed someone. Now the people of the house and friends say the same thing throughout the day, despite knowing that my mood swings when I talk about it. I am becoming a mental patient in day by day because of this. I am not harming anyone or doing anything wrong, do not I have the right to live like I want to?

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