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Prom or no prom

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Let’s start off with me telling y’all how we met. I’m 21 and he’s 18 and we met on a app over winter break. We live in two different states he lives on the East and I live in the Midwest. I never did a long distance relationship before so this was all new to me. We talked everyday for the first couple months then it slowly became less and less to where we would go 4 days without talking. We were talking about me going to go visit him for spring break in the beginning like I had it all planned out. He even asked me to go to prom with him the month after. I said of course. But out of nowhere my job let me go so I didn’t know if I could go see him. So March comes around and still no job until the end of the month. But his spring break is the next week. So for April fools day I pranked him saying that I was coming when in reality I wasn’t because I just started back working. We go a few days without talking then we start talking a little bit again. Now some days ago he said he couldn’t do this anymore because the distance and he didn’t even think we would make it this far. He said he has started talking to another girl now that we not together. He said he wanted something consistent, but he still wants me to go to prom with him. I don’t know if I should still be friends with him. Also, I am pretty sure I will see the girl he is talking to at the prom. She already has a prom date and he already asked me so he still wants me to go. What’s your opinion on the situation?

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