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Relationship troubles, don't feel comfortable telling anybody but need advice

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So in October of 2017, my best friend died and it made me pretty depressed and I broke up with my boyfriend because I went through a "I wanna live my life to the fullest and be a hoe phase" it lasted like a month then my ex and I agreed to be friends with benefits because i was unsure of my feelings for him, so then decided to run away and enlist in the marines. (As months went by we were fine, I realized how much he meant to me and appreciated him for being in my life after I left him) A month before he left to bootcamp he made out with his friends sister and starting acting distant with me. He says he did it because I had pushed him away, unfortunately he got medically discharged and we are currently in a relationship now with LOTS of problems. He isn't the same person anymore and he says it's because I let him be "free" for too long so he slowly got used to the idea of me not being in his life anymore. Whenever we argue and it's mostly over him talking to the brother of the girl he made out with. It makes me uncomfortable because I feel he's super distant and different. He doesn't seem to care as much because I hurt him. We both basically broke each others trust, anyways.. Is it wrong for me to ask for him not to see his friend anymore knowing that girl will be in that house? Also, somedays I wanna break up with him but what hurts is I know he won't run after me because a part of him kind of gave up.

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