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Girlfriend lied about NOT being a virgin

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I am a girl and have been with my girlfriend 2 years now, its very serious and she was about to propose in two days and our 2 year anniversary is in 6 days. However yesterday I was suspicious pf something she said and long story short she just told me that she was a virgin when we met but she lied saying she had been with 2 people before me. She says she did this because she was ashamed and embarrassed to be a virgin at 30yrs old and wanted to impress me. Once we were together she learned how much i hate liars due to past relationships so she kept the lies up because she was scared to lose me. I can understand why she lied since I've been with many more people than her but it is such a betrayal to me that she has been lying to me for the entire time we have been together. Im wondering if I should give her another chance and try to learn to trust her again

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