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Am I his plaything how do I get over him

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So I’ve been friends with this guy for over a year and everyone thinks he’s my boyfriend, he’s not tho. Just last week when I told him I wanted to meet him outside of work he told me that he doesn’t want to commit to anything and declined. So I didn’t message him at all this week when I was on a break from work and he didn’t message me. We had lunch today and I wanted to talk to him then but there was another colleague who crashed our lunch. I really like him but I didn’t even give him a hug today and normally that’s just how we greet. I think he knows I’m feeling annoyed with him but he isn’t communicating with me, I don’t think he feels the same. Only one of my friends knows about him and they keep telling me to stop letting him use me and play with me. I want to get over him but I want to be with him and I don’t know what to do. He’s so lovely and I’ve fallen for him. What do I do?

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