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Confused over bizarre thing girlfriend said

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I'm 39 man with a 34 year old girlfriend. Met her on Tinder. Only know her five months. I did a despicable thing 4 months into the relationship. I got drunk and visited a prostitute. i know it's despicable. I immediately broke it off with my girlfriend as I couldn't handle the guilt. Anyhow after 4 weeks of being apart and still talking to her, I had to confess to her. So i told her everything. So she says come and meet me and we can chat. I visited her and just 3 days after meeting back with her she says this strange statement:'I want to have a baby by you whether we are together or not. you can still be part of the baby's life even if we are not together, and if you don't want to be part of the baby's life if you are gone before the child is three they wont miss you'. What should i do? Should i just run? What do people think of what she said, bearing in mind i only know her five months and also bearing in mind what i did????????

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