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To our surprise

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My wife and I had been working out in the yard a good part of the day, it was early spring and she was ready to get the yard into shape. Mid afternoon, she wanted to go to a grower near by to pick up some plants. We found that they closed in less than an hour and would be best to go right away. I grabbed my keys and some water for both of us and said we need to go now, She said she should change her top. She was wearing a loose Vee neck tee shirt and no bra. I just said if you are going to do it, we don't have much time to look around. Ok then lets just go. Just the few guys who work there were around, She started a quick look around, and within ten minutes had some help from one of the guys who worked there. I was never too far from her and for the most part could see her. As I would look her way I found that her help was as much as possible looking down her top. I knew from us working all day if I was across from her I could see her chest with ease. I found that in that short time I enjoyed him looking a great deal. I told her how much I enjoyed it and she was to say the least, a bit surprised, but willing to dress like that more often. Is it that I never really thought to ask her to do this, or she never thought I might enjoy this.

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