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Where do I go in this almost relationship?

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Hi. So a few months ago, I met a guy on a dating app, and we hooked up. I thought that was going to be it, but then we started hanging out. A lot. We went out on dates, met some of each other’s friends, he even met my family. I never thought of as exclusive, but I was catching feelings for him. He told me that he loved me once, but he was drunk. I started trying to ask what we were, and he kept avoiding the question for about a month. I finally forced an answer last week, and he told me that he does have feelings with me, but the timing isn’t right; he isn’t ready to be in a relationship, nor is he fit to be a good boyfriend. I don’t know what I should do now. Should I just keep seeing him casually and try to tone down my feelings? Should I tell him that we should just be friends, or should I just completely let him go?

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