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Daughter really dislikes my boyfriend

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Been dating same man for 5 years. We have had some breaks during that time. My adult daughter lives out of state so we don’t see each other very often. I reconciled with my bf a few months ago and told my daughter I was very happy. He is now in a better place financially and can take care of himself where before I felt he couldn’t. We are both in our 60s. I earn a good living but don’t have enough to take care of someone else. I rented a house at the beach last week and told my daughter he’d be there. Her bf came for half the week and so did my adult son and sister with her husband. I thought if my bf gave me some time alone during the day she wouldn’t mind him staying. I was wrong! It became clear right before we left that she wanted him to leave as soon as her bf was leaving and I felt that I shouldn’t give in. After an ugly showdown at the beach he left the next day with my son and the 2 of them did some things at home for the last 2 days of the vacation. I spent the last 2 days alone with my daughter. This is when she told me she doesn’t like him at all and never wants to be around him. He has been very nice to her but he did serve time about 10 yrs ago for a white collar crime and she holds that against him even though he has rebuilt his life. He is very good to me and loves me a great deal. He is also very good for my disabled adult son. Even though she lives out of state how can I move forward with my bf?

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