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Do you think we will get back together?

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So a year and a half ago I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years because he wasn’t paying enough attention to me. I was young and my first relationship and I expected to much of him I must admit. I have never stopped loving him and we still chat a lot however I have started to want him back these past two months. No relationship I’ve ever had since the breakup could compare to ours. He hasn’t had much success either but he’s currently dating a girl who has a boyfriend and who doesn’t seem like she’s going to leave him and he’s heartbroken. A few days ago he told me that he missed me and he needs me to talk with cause he’s not doing great. However he’s still seeing the girl and he just said that she’s the perfect one for him even though he knows they won’t really be together. We’re planned to meet soon but I’m confused. I don’t know if he just wants a friend or if he misses me. Now he kinda got my hopes up and disappointed me again. Also, sometimes he sends me pictures of random romantic gifts I gave him and it’s surprising that he hasn’t thrown them away. What do you think?

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