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I'm very upset that my ex girlfriend got pregnant by her new boyfriend

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Emotional advice How do I deal with this pain?

Me and my girlfriend of 3 years broke up about 6 months ago. A month after we broke up, she started a new guy. After dating him for about 3 months, she got pregnant with his baby. It's been really painful for me. I get unsettled and frustrated whenever I see my ex girlfriend's photos on Facebook with her boyfriend and pictures of the ultrasound of their baby.

I wanted to be the one who had a baby with her, and not that guy. It's so not fair!

I'm very upset that my ex girlfriend got pregnant by her new boyfriend

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Six months isn't that long really to get over someone, you need longer.

she has really rushed into things with some else, way too quickly I think, but that's her decision. I can understand that's hurtful to you since you were with her for a long time.

I'd Stop looking on her Facebook, delete it, or block it, if you can, so you're not tempted anymore and start distracting yourself with other things, that you enjoy or new things. Probably easier said then done I know, but seeing those pics are obviously not helping you get over her or helping you to move on.

I'm very upset that my ex girlfriend got pregnant by her new boyfriend

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Hey Hearorsee,

I'm sorry about your situation. It is kind of crappy. Your ex was very quick to jump into something new with another guy, and very quick to make such a big, life-changing decision. It's possible that after rebounding, she really just wanted to have a baby. Or maybe, she just really likes this guy now and their relationship works out where yours' failed.

It's not worth beating yourself up over. She moved on, so should you.

I occasionally get heartbroken at the thought of people I liked having kids with someone else. For a while it bothered me wondering if my ex had found someone else to start a family with, but gradually it stopped as the time passed and we hadn't talked in a while. So it is something that I think you'll get over in time.

The closest thing I can think of is these girls I went on dates with over the last couple of years. Just one date each, never went anywhere. But then a few months later I would look them up again, and see that they had found boyfriends. Since then when I've checked, they are still with the same people. While it's disappointing that I was passed over, I think it was for the best - if these women are still with these same guys then things worked out for them.

Life goes on. You can't keep all of your eggs in one basket, because one of the good things about this world is that we have options. There's a person who I've been interested in for several years now, but she just hasn't been interested in me. Maybe one day she'll realize what I have to offer and want to catch back up with me, or maybe we'll just never speak or see each other again. Regardless of my interest in her, I haven't let that stop me from trying to meet other women. I am not putting my life completely on hold for one girl, especially not one who doesn't seem to care. You should have the same mindset. Get out there and meet other people, and don't be so hung up on your ex. It's over, she made her decision. And there's no sense in holding a grudge. Just move on with your life - you will feel a lot better once you do.

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