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Help some realationship advice needed

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Hi really need some advice please story goes I’m 18 mts outta a abusive marriage (17 years ) I have meet a girl 9mts ago she is 34 and I am 43 , she is 3 years out of a abusive realationship ( emotional,sexual, physical) mine was physical n emotional anyhows we meet once a week just to take things slow we both agreed that , I am naturally a very kind person n I have bought her a lot of gifts n u can c how much they mean to her as she has never been treated like that , but my concern is in the 9mts we have been together there has been 4 periods of her phone seemingly being broke each period lasting 2 weeks roughly ( is this because she is struggling to deal with a natural relationship n this is her way of seeking some timeout ??), also this period of her phone seemingly being broken I can see that her iMessages are being read , I’m just really really confused as I really like the girl n when I’m with her I will ask her if she is happy which she will imply very happy , also we will hug n kiss jus the one snog though n a sexual encounter seems away off , I’m being very patient with her as of her last n only realationship n a lot of what is happening I’m putting it down to her massive lack of understanding on how realationships work , I to have trust issues and a lack of understanding sometimes of things but I’m working through it , am I being taken for a fool are do I have to be patient and things will fall into place

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