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Relationship gone

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Hey I’m new here and I feel my relationship is over. On reflection I guess I took a chance on someone who I thought had been unlucky in relationships but after some years together, I see differently. Everything was amazing and we were spending lots of fun times together, but earlier this year he said he needed a little space to be around friends etc. I didn’t mind this and so over this year, we’ve both spent more time doing other things. His job also takes up a lot of time but he’d also told me this would tail off come winter. Now he’s saying we’ve drifted apart and have nothing in common. From what he’s said about past relationships, this is the same theme. I got annoyed with him and reminded him that he was the one who wanted to spend so much time at work and also time doing other things. He always refuses to talk about anything so this only came out after pretty much ignoring me and acting very uncomfortable around me. So I confronted him and that’s what I was told. Along with he doesn’t know if we have a future. He says he’s 50% either way and not sure whether he wants us to end or not. We spent a great evening together over the weekend and I hoped we were showing that we do have things in common and could make this work but he’s back to the same line. Meanwhile he shares my home and I’m left not knowing what’s happening. In my heart and head I know this must be over and his indecisiveness is affecting me. I feel numb and starting to close off to him - he’s also losing my respect. He’s like a different person and it just feels like he’s waiting it out until he has some where to go before telling me it’s over. Just needed a place to vent this out. I’ve told him this can’t go on but he remains indecisive and doesn’t give me any clue on when he will come to a conclusion. I’m guessing he will just leave that to me to get frustrated with him and tell him it’s over. Feel so disappointed and so betrayed- finding it so hard to enjoy my life and interests. No energy and no appetite. I hate relationships!!

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